I’m excited to play with Mentalist all over the world. We have a great chemistry when it comes to both the music and personal side of things.
I have been touring Europe and Asia with other bands over the years and of course lots of YouTube videos.
Now it’s time to bring it, big time!

– Rob Lundgren

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⟿ Rob Lundgren


Most of you might still know me as founding member and drummer of Blind Guardian.
Mentalist is a big enrichment for me in my career, since I found incredibly kind and great new friends by it and the musical style playingwise actually means a new experience for me. I seem to grow with every new challenge in my life an that’s good.

– Thomen Stauch

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⟿ Thomen Stauch


It has always been my vision to bring „Mentalist“ to life: Melodic Metal
which combines fantastic melodies and dynamic grooves in a modern way. I’ve always worked on such songs and I am really happy
to finally have found for the Mentalist family such great musicians and
friends to realize Mentalist.

– Peter Moog

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⟿ Peter Moog

Lead Guitarist

As being a founding member of MENTALIST, I’m proud to play in a band with such great, experienced and capable musicians.
Finally I have the opportunity to combine high performance playing skills with sophisticated melodic power metal.
This has always been the goal of my vision and passion.
Along with MENTALIST this vision becomes reality at last. High quality is expected. Feel the power!

– Kai Stringer

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⟿ Kai Stringer

Lead Guitarist

I started playing the bass guitar about 15 years ago, but until now, I was only part of several local bands, mostly playing Progressive Metal. Mentalist is my first Power Metal band and from the moment I joined the band I fell in love with this high-energetic music.
The spirit among the band members is exceptional good and I am looking forward to release our first album with those incredibly talented musicians.

– Florian Hertel

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⟿ Florian Hertel

Bass Guitarist